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Delphine Cobbaert (°1994) is a passionate textile designer from Ghent. After completing her master in textile design at the school of Arts in Ghent, she founded her own traditional weaving mill in April 2019.

Weaving is an age-old technique that Delphine came into contact with from an early age. Her blood flows from a textile family and wants to continue this tradition. Over the years it became a real passion that she wanted to translate into unique and timeless textiles with her own personality.


"Textile is not just an understanding for me, but it is a way of dealing with the senses. Seeing (the light), hearing (vibration) and feeling (touch) are stimulated by textiles. In our daily lives we are constantly in contact with textiles in an unconscious way because it is embedded in our human lives in different ways. The way in which we, as an individual, react to this, determines a large part of our identity."

Delphine Cobbaert - ©Stefanie De Neve -portret.jpg


Delphine Cobbaert works as a true artisan and has specific skills that transform raw materials into textiles. Starting from an idea, she lets her hands speak. Her designs are handmade in her own studio using various old machines and techniques. She seized the opportunity to give old Belgian weaving machines a new life by converting the machines into a unique technique of weaving and twisting. It is thanks to the tactile quality of the artisan that Delphine makes surprising pieces that people can enjoy.

Delphine Cobbaert - ©Stefanie De Neve -collectie.jpg

natural materials

For Delphine, the role of the body is very important that it comes into contact with the textile and feels comfortable, warm and secure in the room. For example, textile appeals to the senses, resulting in high-quality natural resources such as; wool, flax, jute, cotton form the basis for the design.

Delphine Cobbaert - Komodi detail.jpeg

custom made

Delphine Cobbaert also offers tailor-made solutions in addition to its own collection to guarantee the diversity of experiments, dimensions, different colors and textures. Thanks to her direct connection with design and production, she can fuse her creativity into your ideas and wishes. This personal touch ensures that every product is unique. Delphine creates textiles with its own story and emotion for every person and space.

Delphine Cobbaert - ©Stefanie De Neve -gilbos.jpg


Contemporary and timeless pieces are created by a whole of natural materials together with colors, shapes and textures that are processed into her own handwriting. This creative expression adds warmth and security to your home.

Delphine Cobbaert - Gilbos.jpeg


All carpets have a front and back and can be placed recto-verso.


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